The story of runners, and Running is Dead.

About the brand RUNNING IS DEAD

Are you going to run faster wearing our apparel? Probably not. Are you going to look and feel better wearing our apparel? We sure think so.

We started our journey in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017 and while slipping into running from other life style activities we realized that most traditional brands came from the track and field side of things. We wanted to take another approach. Running is Dead was not created to compete or chase world records.

Scandinavian Sportswear

Running is dead has its roots in actionsports, music and various sub cultures we immersed in while growing up. Skateboarding and snowboarding has influenced us more than interval training and arena sports. We grew up with heavy metal and electronica mixed with visual impressions from the minimalistic low key Scandinavian fashion scene. The signature color was black, and it still is for Running is Dead.

Beyond Running

We don’t necessarily aim for victory or bib numbers. We rather look for what exists beyond our own limitations. Beyond Running. We head for the experience instead of the national championships. But we are runners, in every aspect of the word all over the world.

To put it simply: to us running, as it used to be, is dead.